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Are you watching season 2?

The answer is probably yes. In fact, you're probably seeing this card well after I'm posting it. Because you started the season and refused to do anything else until you'd seen all of it. Don't worry, we understand.

But now that you're here WE HAVE STUFF TO TALK ABOUT.

Because dem guns...

Ok no seriously. Let's make sure those who haven't seen the show yet can remain unspoiled! That means put a warning in the title of your card (and NO spoilery images) or warn people if your comment is going that direction. The comment section on this card is fair game, so if you haven't seen the series yet... clip it and get back to us ;) You can also check out the #DD2 tag in the Marvel community talk, started by the lovely @LAVONYORK :D
@Boggleman enjoying it? :D
Only four episodes down so far
@shannonl5 they usually stream the shows for all of Saturday and take mini breaks. Yeah, there may be. I didn't think about that.
@shannonl5 sadly no. They did it on Saturday, but they couldn't leave it on YouTube. They also livestreamed Jessica Jones too. They said they plan to do again if they get permission from Marvel (I think) again.
@shannonl There's a livestream going on YouTube of season 2 on Superhero News' YouTube channel. They got permission to stream it.
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