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Bless up.

Dj Kahled is a dude who makes music. He's responsible for that song "All I do Is Win", but lately, in 2016 he's more known for his Snapchat account, which boasts millions of followers. You probably follow him right? That's why you clicked on this.

Anyway here are the most important affirmations that DJ Kahled blessed has us with.

1. Respect nature. Love your plants.

There is something incredible about Kahled's appreciation for his plants. You must always water your plants. Nature is a gift so like, appreciate it! Kahled waters his plants every day. Go out and give yours some love.

2. Don't play yourself.

This took me a little bit of time to understand. I guess it's like "don't self sabotage". If this means that I have to go out and buy a pair of fresh kicks in order not to play myself, then so be it!

3. Fresh Kicks = major key.

You have to be at the cutting edge of fashion. Whether you're rocking Manolo Blahnik's or Michael Jordan's, your kicks need to be on fleek. DJ Kahled is never caught without fresh kicks, and you shouldn't either!

4. Cloth must be on point.

You can't have cloth talk without proper cloth! Seriously, GET IT TOGETHER. You gotta rep your favorite brands, or at least your favorite colors in order to succeed. Major key.

5. You gotta love your friends.

Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel, P. Diddy and more have been on Kahled's Snaps. So when you're putting your story together make sure to feature your friends, because they are going to support you when THEY are trying to keep you down!

6. Beware of THEY.

As Kahled explained to Ellen DeGeneres, THEY is the person that doesn't want you to succeed. THEY is the person in the back of the board room scoffing when you get a promotion. THEY is the person who doesn't want you to win. So defy THEY. AND KEEP WINNING!

7. Remember to use Cocoa Butter.

I don't actually know what the greater meaning of this is...but let's just roll with it. Dry skin isn't fun. NEXT.

8. Eat a good breakfast.

THEY don't want you to have a good breakfast. So make sure you've got your egg whites, wheat toast and juice handy. THEY don't want you to be healthy! So be healthy. See the logic here? That's the Kahled wisdom.

9. Make sure to always have your hair cut.

I'm not sure when the last time I had a haircut was, but I need to get one. Kahled is always taking care of himself. Whether he's getting a pedicure in his bungalow during Bungalow Talk, or he's creating a new line of clothes...he's got his hair, his body and his mind on point. And so should you!

10. Remember that WE THE BEST.

Self confidence is dope. And I think that's why we love DJ Kahled so much. He also loves us FAN LOVE! And above all else, he's doing his thing. He gets up and grinds. We should all be doing that too. So the next time you feel sorry for yourself, remember that YOU THE BEST, WE THE BEST.
Because there really are so many things to be thankful for.
I totally agree!!! Let's go out & scout some!
<3333 I'm going to let him be my inspiration today!
@jordanhamilton thanks sister!!!!!! Bless up!!!!!
but I super love this! extremely creative. I APPRECIATE YOU *in my best Khaled voice*
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