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It's yet another time to fill up your Vingle feed with adorable, fluffy animals.

It's time to meet Quasimodo, the Hunchback Hound!

Look at that face.

Quasimodo was born with short spine disorder, which gives him the hunchback look. Quasimodo was found on the streets and was taken in by Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnesota. He is one of only 15 dogs in the world known to have this disorder. He has had a few surgeries to make sure that he will live an active and healthy life.

Quasimodo has found a new foster home!

Quasimodo is currently being fostered by a family that lives in Eden Prairie, Minnestota. He will stay at this home while he receives more medical care and becomes healthier so that he can be permanently adopted. Quasimodo shouldn't have a problem finding his forever home as he has become incredibly famous on the Internet. On his Facebook page, Quasimodo has almost 200,000 likes.
Watch this video that gives a brief summary of Quasimodo's life and watch him play with other dogs.

We are all rooting for you, Quasimodo!

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Aw well it's good that he has found a place to call home!