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Suga has found his match???With a cat???
So I was scrolling through tumblr when I came across these pictures of this grumpy looking cat and the first thing that came to my mind is Suga...
The cat looks like it is 500% done with everyone's shit and the way it scrunches it's face is downright cute...though I think it's meant to look menacing...
So what do you guys think? Do they look alike?
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The 'ew' face kinda makes him look like Ken or Leo from Vixx
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lol so see it and my brother even agreed and he doesn't like Kpop.
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awww twins lol
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Some get HOLY WATER and baptized that cat .. Lol jk . Cute cat though Except that demon like face .馃槇馃樉馃檧
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