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Star Wars... on Crack

Rey is basically Kim Possible.... right?

Okay maybe not. But we've got a long time to wait before we get anything more than a hint about the next movie. So while we're waiting... let's lose our minds a little?
Vidder: Alex Brave
Spoilers: Yes! How have you not seen The Force Awakens yet?
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@ThePervySage I think I'm more in the Rey-is-a-Kenobi camp myself. If only because I feel like they're building up to her defeating Snoke and pulling Ren from the dark side. It would be beautiful symbolically, succeeding where Obi-Wan failed. That being said.... who do you think Snoke could be? Because I am intrigued!
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@shannonl5 I don't even think that Rey is a Kenobi because there's nothing in canon suggesting that he strayed from the Jedi teachings. My far out there theory, which I know is not going to be the case, is that she's a force birth like Anakin. And this is very unlikely because I just don't know if cartoon characters will transfer to the live action movies, but I think that Ezra from Rebels may be Snoke. You wouldn't be able to tell because Snoke's face is totally messed up. His skin is totally white though. Which is a sign of using the dark side of the force too often, and Kanan has been warned that Ezra strongly feels the pull of the dark side.
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@ThePervySage ooh that's an interesting theory! It could definitely work. And the timing fits. I'd be interested to see that for sure. Yeah I figure either they're adding something to Obi-Wan's story between III and IV, or he had a relative we didn't know about. Both seem kind of dubious?
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@shannonl5 My theory is that Rey is Palpatine. Think about it. Palpatine used the force to conceive Anakin right. At the end of Return of the Jedi, no matter which version you watch, Anakin appears as a force ghost. Qui Gon taught Yoda, and Yoda taught Obi-Wan how to communicate through the force after death. Vader wasn't in that loop. So how does he appear as a for ghost. I'm guessing Palpatine showed him the way. Palpatine knew of many dark aspects of the force. So if he could create life, I'm sure he knew how to cheat death. Then there was how Rey used the light saber. It was more of a fencing style. Kinda like Palpatine. So my theory is that he learned how to cheat death, and after many years of being one with the force after death, was able to manipulate the force again to create life. His own. But he can't remember a thing. Anyway, that's just my very far fetched theory.
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@ThePervySage ooooo that's really interesting! I'll have to think about that.
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