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@2Distracted yes I can understand that, I really don't know when I started, maybe I never did, but that's not true, I have some happy memories, I think I never got really drunk though, it's always better to not drink than drink too much. or become dependent.
@mrsmith it was just beer, alot of beer. I started drinking at 12 and found that thru teenage years and early 20s i liked drinking a bit too much. I quit all together in early 20s cuz I have so many alcoholics in my family so I'm predisposed to that I decided to quit before I couldnt
@2Distracted Yes some times I am sarcastic, but I am not sure its the most positive reaction to things, I do try to communicate with none violence, although I do some times honestly just not bother, but yes sarcasm is great if people see the funny side, but trying to do sarcastic things in French is beyond me...
Thanks @2Distracted 馃槉, I find love has been something i have a quite strong reaction to! i did not use to understand it, now I think my body has a stronger reaction to it than most, or I am I expect been a little arrogant. To be honest I have felt sick and like I expect a complete addict feels, I remember not sleeping, been stress out and not been able to think logically. Shaking and cold, crying and been miserable, while been in a utopia at the same time! Now I know a bit more about how I react, I can take a bit of a step back, laugh a little at it, and say oh heck... not again! lol
@mrsmith ok that was awesome!!! Did you come up with that??? Only someone who's experienced pain could have written that!!
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