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I've seen you be quite funny on here so do you mean sarcasm isn't as widespead as it is in the US? the only place I've been outside of this country is Canada and many don't particularly like us there or when I was there. My cousin and I when I was visiting my dad in California when I was 19 went to Vancouver basically just cuz we could drink at 19 there and stayed at a hotel. that was an experience.
I never been to the US! So could not comment on levels of sarcasm. Never been to Canada as well, so I guess our paths never crosses! I don't know about now but in the UK although the was an age limit of about 16, most teenaged children seem to have drunk quite a lot, I apparently had my first beer at one, so never really was that bothered about proving anything with alcohol! Now days I drink so little I use more alcohol for cleaning screens than in drinks, although I do enjoy drinking, when I am not driving, got children, and with someone else, and not before dancing, all these mean it seems to be quite rare these days I have a drink.. What did you drink in Vancouver?
@mrsmith it was just beer, alot of beer. I started drinking at 12 and found that thru teenage years and early 20s i liked drinking a bit too much. I quit all together in early 20s cuz I have so many alcoholics in my family so I'm predisposed to that I decided to quit before I couldnt
@2Distracted yes I can understand that, I really don't know when I started, maybe I never did, but that's not true, I have some happy memories, I think I never got really drunk though, it's always better to not drink than drink too much. or become dependent.
@mrsmith I also didn't understand "casual" drinking. in my mind from growing up with alcoholics the sole purpose is to drink to get drunk I completely don't understand social drinking that some people do all the time. then when I did get wasted all my inh8bitions were out tghe window and that is dangerous for me!!! I was, quite the partyer in high school and early 20a and that uninhibited part got me in trouble