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These are actually tights they make for women with the sole purpose of trying to make men avoid them! I'm going to say NOPE!!! They'd be a great gift tho!!!lol
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@alywoah @shannonl5 although I did read that women should always use the elbow cuz its one of the hardest parts to whack a creep in the face with if you can't knee them
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eww that's so gross!!!!!!! 馃樂馃樂馃樂
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It would totally depend on WHO I was trying to get to stay the hell away from me. Lol
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Lol no! I can say I do sometimes intentionally have a tendency to hide my beauty for certain reason at certain times ..but not to the extreme of messing with hygiene. Everyone body is different but hair on me and to me makes me feel dirty, my skin breaks out where the hair is, and plus my skin is extremely soft and it feels so good without hair ... To be honest I am beautiful and tall so I am always noticed .. I might as well look my best but when I attempt to go unoticed I wear t shirts. That doesn't work sometimes either but that's when you just got to be up front respectfully and say leave me lone. Not all will react in a good way. Its ok .. that's just the way it goes. But if you are trapped and have no choice but to endure this person ... do.. then run as far as u can when you can ( including address/number change...perhaps a few states between couldn't hurt ) I'm only saying some crazies are relentless ... even so that hair I wouldn't ... never can say never but I pray not. I want my man beastly like that..not me... I'm a lady that likes to feel like a women though
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@Lauraca21 love your self confidence. I'm with you on not being able to handle hairyness. I do know alot of women that don't shave as much during the winter and I get that but I personally have to. and with creepos sometimes a good left hook,knee to the groin is the only thing they understand!
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