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Ahh, the year 1998. What a great time to be me. I was still a little baby hamster. I didn't have a care in the world. And some of the best video games ever made were released that year. And honestly, 1998 has to be one of my favorite years for video games. Sure the fashion was dumb and everyone owned the same green parka (above) but at least we had some good games to play, right?
Here's a short list of 4 games that made 1998 one of the best years in video games.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Now, I can't say I know everything about Ocarina of Time. I didn't get to play the game back in 1998 (I never had a N64) but I am aware of how important it was for video games. It took the Zelda games into a 3D space and excelled at it. And honestly, a lot of my friends still cite this game as one of the best/their favorite next to Final Fantasy VII.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is definitely my favorite in the series. Sure, the games have gone downhill after the release of RE4 but without RE2, we probably wouldn't have all the survival horror-y games we have now. I actually just re-bought this game when it was on sale last week for my Vita so I could relive blowing up Raccoon City with Leon and Claire.

Pokemon Red and Blue

Yep, 1998 gave us the first Pokemon games. I still have so many memories of bringing my gameboy to school just to battle all the kids during recess. Sure, we risked getting our games taken away but that was a part of the thrill! There's nothing like being a part of a 4th grade Underground Pokemon Battle Tournament. If only there was some adult-life equivalent to it that doesn't have terrible consequences.

Metal Gear Solid

You guys already know that I love the Metal Gear Solid series so there's nothing else I can really say. So instead of talking about how great this game is, I'll leave you with a little anecdote. There was one time I was playing this game with my brother and we got to the part in the very beginning where you save the DARPA Chief and he starts talking about a whole bunch of stuff, like nuclear arms races and things. But we both fell asleep during this cutscene and when we woke up, it was still going on. It was insane.
What do you guys think about 1998 as the best year in gaming? Let me know in the comments!!
I was born in '98 lol
Yay, 1998 gaming! The only one on your list that I played on their original console was Pokemon Red. But I played that somewhere around 2003 or so. I've played Ocarina of Time on the Gamecube, and I'm really happy I did. I'm not the biggest fan of adventure games, but I loved that game. Twilight Princess was my favorite of the Zelda series, though. I wanted to add a few to the list! -Parasite Eve was a big one. It mixed RPG with survivor horror, and did a really good job at it. I never did finish it, since my friend took it back before I could, but I just learned that it was re-released on PSN, so I'll be looking into playing it again soon. -Gran Turismo. I hate most of the newer driving games. But I played the crap out of these games. I still have Gran Turismo 4. Definitely a big step for driving games. -Mario Party! (1999 in US) The first of many. Everyone's favorite game to hate! Lol!