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This week, more debating happened in Florida for the Dems and the Republicans, and in the middle of the primaries that are going on, they gave us a lot of insight.
So what's the most interesting thing that everyone is talking about from the debate??
The Dems are Getting Fiesty & the GOP is Chilling Out

What is this world coming too??

Let's breakdown what they talked about.

The Dem Debate on Thursday Night

After Sen. Bernie Sanders won MI in an unexpected twist, Hilz was feeling the pressure to show up at the debate.
Immigration - they are in Florida, so a lot of the talk was about immigrants, and the plans they want to implement. Both candidates want a clear path to citizenship, and they want to keep the kiddos.
Global Warming - this became a big back and forth about who loves the earth more. Is that a good or bad thing? I can't tell.
Other stuffs - Bernie got pretty heated at one point and told Hilz to shush. Not in those words, but the Dems are obsessing over it.

The GOP Debate Last Night

Trump is beating everyone so far in the primaries. So last night Marco and Teddy were working on their shine. And Kasich was still trying to be relevant.
Social Security - Both Teddy and Marco want to raise the retirement age, Kasich wants to give you a little more prep time, and Trump thinks it should stay the same.
Cuba - It's mostly the consensus that everyone dislikes Cuba and wants to stop making deals with them. Though Marco seems to be the most gun-ho about putting an end to it ALL (as in stop all trade until Cuba starts behaving).
Other stuffs - Trump was pretty civil. (lol. what?) Let's be real he didn't talk about anything comprehensive, but he didn't criticize Muslims or Mexicans at all.
Why was both debates in Florida? Well, a lot of theories floating around suggest the Latino vote is important to both parties. But especially the Dems who really want to make the path to citizenship, and are practicing more of their high-school Spanish phrases. ;)

Did you watch the debates this week??