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Bring Running Man to Los Angeles

Are you a fan of Running Man? Want to see the cast in person? Well you can! Running Man will be touring the US soon! Help bring them to a city near you with My Music Taste! 1. Click link: http://m2t.tv/xYS6 2. Press Make 3. Input Ticket (approx $150) or how much you would pay for a ticket (be honest). You don't have to pay for anything. 4. Share link on FB and Twitter with your friends and family 5. Communicate with fans on Makers Note. If you need to know about MyMusicTaste, click the link to know further about how it works. They will help as there are 3 stages to this process.
They need to come to San Francisco LA is to far for me lol
I'm going to bring them to Dallas
@KeziahWright You can bring them to any city!
I would bring them to new York city OMG how much I would freak out
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