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Thanks god is Friday!!....but still need to work for couple more hours.... can I go back to sleep???
Maybe I should call in sick... since I am really having flu... should I?
But I will end up have more work on Monday... It will turn to Monday ""PURPLE""!!!!
Let me put on my "Bitch Mode" today.. so no one will ask me to work!!!
This will be my face today.
No work today, or you can talk to my buddy here!
whoever try to ask me questions. This will be my answer!!
Yes, this is what I am today!!!
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@KwonOfAKind Questions!!!!...Let me put my "Bitch Mode" on.. What is your question!!!!!....What!!!...I can't heard you!!!...What!!!...the exit is that way!!!...u can stay out Forever!!!!!
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@lovetop yep gotta love those shower scenes 🚿
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetop im high class lazy so I would but I gotta kill of people in my fanfic for tomorrow........ then again I can wait maybe oh take my time 😂😂😂😂😂
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetop "I can stay out forever?" ....well I could, but then I wouldn't be able to bother JTOP anymore lol (^___^) Our time together is a little too precious to give up that easily :P 《《#StalkerModeActivated》》 *clears throat* I mean researching mode....
2 years ago·Reply
@KwonOfAKind *clear throat*... yes I forgot abt our "research_stalker"...project...I guess the entrance↝ is this way. In my sweet mode!!
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