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SXSW started today and what was once known as just a music festival has pretty much taken over all things tech, film, and experimental media.
This is some of the trends we will probably see coming out of the festival.
Apps rule the tech world as usually, with a variety of types.
The theme in apps? Audio, audio, audio. With the up in podcasts and social media ruling the world, it seems a variety of new apps are design a combination of both (think Vine for short audio clips!).
Another big news in tech? Well, we expected this one: Virtual Reality. Body swaps anyone??
Michelle is coming to speak and so is the president, which compared to last years keynote (Snoop Dogg) we are all very interested to hear what she has to say about their initiative called Let Girls Learn, which according to the White House seeks to “help adolescent girls around the globe attend and complete school.”
Why is Obama coming so important?? Well, that means more coverage on a national level, and it means the festival itself has reached a critical cultural level.
Indie artists rule at SXSW and this year will be no exception. Expect a variety of artists coming to perform as well, Troye Sivan to Anderson .Paak, the music is going to be diverse.
2,000 performers hope gain any kind of traction after this event.
Events like this make me wish I was there to experience it all.

What are you looking forward to the most at SXSW?

One of my favorite bands from england played there last year and I was like DYING to go. :/ aside from that, it's really evolved past just music and into tech too. Pretty effing rad!
I've always wanted to go to SxSW! The Strokes are playing a private show there, and I would like die to be there. That app looks fun, with the sound clips!? Amazing for musicians probably~
oh what band is that @TessStevens?? I would love to get my hands on some of that VR! like SO BADLY
Yeah @TessStevens I'm imagining it will be great for musicians!! Some musician actually do a lot on Vine, so this might be a great place for them!