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As women, we take pride in our beauty products. Each and every one of them. If we run out of something, it's almost like the day can't move forward until we re-up. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were stuck on a deserted island and there was no way you could restock your items? Well, here's your chance to do some thinking.
I challenge you to think of three, yes -- ONLY THREE beauty products you would take with you to survive on a deserted island? Remember, this product is going to have to last you awhile, so think smart.
Once you think of your three products. DON'T leave your answer in the comment box below. Create your own card tagging me and tag others to keep the challenge going.
If I could only bring three beauty products with me. I would bring my chapstick, nail polish and my facial mist spray. You have to be smart. As much as I would want my face to be beat, I'm on a deserted island. Who would really see me?

Let the challenge begin!

I'll just take my neutrogena facewash, and any powder n chapstick that has spf!
Haha no worries!!! Coco butter is always essential though @petname83
and I just read the instructions...
Burt's bees color balm, Neutrogena moisturizer, and cocoa butter body butter/lotion
How do you tag someone? And leave names at the bottom of the card sorry to ask such a stupid question but I need 2 know Thanks
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