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People keep thinking date night gotta be a dinner and movie (or just dinner OR movie for the folk trying to save their dollar bills). Nahhh gotta think outsides the box. Do something different and fun! Want Latin-inspired date ideas? Oooooh I got you.

Go to an authentic Latin restaurant

Don't look for the one with the really nice decor. Go where the reviews say, "this food is bomb as hell! Real authentic and shit!" Expensive doesn't always mean better. Don't turn down the 5 dollar dinner plate -- they might just be more authentic than that shitty 30-dollar-a-meal restaurant down the street that doesn't even come close to the real deal.

Make your own tacos & margaritas

Get turnt up at home. Tacos are cheap and margaritas are easy. Get tipsy and flirty with your partner. If you're really trying to get cray-cay with your partner, turn up that Spanish music on BLAST. You've got options: salsa, merengue, bachata -- the choice is yours!

Learn Salsa Together

Always wanted to own that dance floor like the salsa pros do? Well, now you won't have competition -- you can learn together with your partner AT HOME. There are several videos on YouTube that teach you step-by-step on how to master the basics. If you need a little bit of confidence to shake off nerves, have a couple shots of tequila. Just make sure to shout, "¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro!"

Learn Spanish Together

Search for a meet up in your area that provides a space for people interested in learning Spanish. If you can't find one, set one up. If you can even set up to where only couples are encouraged!
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@RafaelRese18 I live in a border town too!! I've never done the hopping-the-border-to-buy-tacos thing though. I usually just end up going to a super authentic taco shop near it lol.
Well, being Mexican, I already do all these things lol I live near Mexico, it's literally walking distance so I can always hop the border and buy tacos
We can't dance lol We're too.... awkward, self-conscious and have no desire to. It's kind of really endearing, actually haha But I'm sure it'd be a night to remember 😂😂
@rik40 wut lol
@Arellano1052 dancing is always the perfect date idea (at least for me anyway haha)
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