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"Hey you spicy fajita mamas and sizzling enchilada daddies. How you all doin'? MwM Kuzuri back at it again with the Questions! Don't worry, it's a simple question this time. Nothing too long, but not entirely too short. Yeah, that's right...it'll be just the right size. Perfect for you to stuff into your pretty little mouth. No that was not a dirty innuendo. But you're dirty for thinking it....and if you weren't thinking about it...now you are. HAHAHA!! Success. Anyway, let's get down to business cause I gotta meet up with Spidey. Says he broke the internet yesterday....pfft, we'll see about that."


Yep, we all have our favorites, we even think about what it'd be like to become them for one day. Some may want to just get a taste of what they go through, others might just want to shoot optic beams, or throw trains at people for the hell of it. We all have our reasons. But one thing I'm sure we've all done, is dream of what kind of hero we'd be.

Question TIME!!

If you were a superhero or fiendish villain, what would be your Name, Powers/abilities, and if you're really creative, who would be a good enemy for you?
My abilities might be elemental and my name would be Nytro (my nickname to my friends). I'd also love to fight Magneto.
@kuzuri96 once I get the Marvel Fan-Verse comics rolling we may have to add this in or at least have a page dedicated to it xD
That would be a cool battle @kuzuri96 xD
I would be the nonchalant Anti Hero, which pretty much messes with the dark arts. I would have healing, flight, agility and teleportation burst. I think I would probably fight someone like Doctor Strange and we would have this dramatic love hate relationship, where he always screams my first name and I reply, the name is Hexed Vixen now. Yup, I can see this 馃槀馃槀
Aaaaye, nice stuff ladies.
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