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With March Madness coming up the folks making Rocket League decided to announce that they're putting out a new mode for their game that's based in basketball instead of soccer. While I'm into basketball a lot more than soccer (or football as it should be called), I don't know how this would work exactly.
How are the cars going to dunk the ball? How are they going to shoot jump shots? Will there be weird crossover moves involving drifting around your opponents?
Even though I'm asking all of these questions, I'm sure that the people making the game will be glad enough to come up with ways to make basketball work in their weird car-sport-game.
Are you guys excited about this news?
This is amazing! Lol and also hilarious as @TurtleyTurtles mentioned! XD
Lol. I don't like sports games, but this looks hilarious. To imagine playing basketball as a car or truck... I could see this being a good time with friends!