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Does Splenda Cause Cancer?
Years ago, Splenda was considered an alternative many people used for sugar. While it isn't the healthiest thing for you, research said it was better for you than sugar.
That may no longer be the case though, as a new study mentions that Splenda could potentially lead to cancer.
The study exposed groups of mice to 0, 500, 2,000, 8,000, and 16,000 parts per million of Splenda, from 12 days after gestation, roughly the equivalent of the third trimester in humans, to every day thereafter. The end result was that the group exposed to the equivalent of 10 diet sodas made with Splenda every day developed cancers.
While it's interesting to know that Splenda may be able to lead to cancer, I think the most important piece of information in this is that moderation of all things are key to establishing a healthy diet.
I mean, who thinks that it's okay to drink 10 diet sodas a day anyway??
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that's the power of money
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there is new natural sugar substitute , it from plants call 'Stevia'. I'm using it now. this stevia leaves not just a sugar substitute but can cure diabetes too.
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yeah I know, and the Agave From Raw I also Love it a small amount is enough.
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