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The Strokes are a band that defined 2000's indie. Along with British acts like Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines, The Strokes ushered in a new era of ass-kicking, genre-defining indie rock.
They went away in 2013 after "Comedown Machine" and lead singer Julian Casablancas invented some folding electric bicycle and released a solo album. Guitarist Albert Hammond Junior released some solo stuff too.
But honestly, nothing compares to The Strokes. That kind of synergy doesn't come around rock and roll often. And now, amid reports of a headlining gig at The Governor's Ball NYC and South X Southwest, a new single is on the horizon.
There are a lot of rumors out there. One is that the Strokes all hate each other. Julian Casablancas went on record saying that the guys didn't want to work with him. The guys went on record saying that Casablancas was difficult, alcoholic, whatever. Things looked about as unlikely as a Libertines reunion (which also happened mind you.)
During a Reddit AMA organizers of the Governor's Ball said they had picked the band because they'd (hopefully) be supporting a new album. This will be the first new material for the Strokes in over half a decade. For fans though, it seems like forever!
Late 2015 marked rumors of the band in the studio, and they turned out to be true.

A new single will be unveiled at a private event at South X Southwest. Bless you if you gain entrance. Help us bootleg and that shit!

What do you think Strokes fans? Are you pumped for the comeback!? Because I know I am. In fact, I'm going to spend the rest of the day listening to their music in anticipation. Will that make the single come faster!?

@Titplum I know right it's an amazing year for music!!!!!!! And @danidee they did, for a while, but things change, people change!
We were both visibly not 100 percent it was kind of understood he spoke first! Hahah @Titplum
@TessStevens It must be a nice memory, even if it was maybe a little awkward :) I imagine your surprise when you met him. That's not something that happens every day!
@Titplum yeah, Tyranny was really heavy. I actually ran into him in the East Village one day when I lived in New York. We were both hungover and both wearing sunglasses and leather jackets. It was like, the biggest star struck moment I"ve had, and he just looked at me and was like "hey" and I was lke "hi" and that was it. Totally forget about it all the time because like, I should have said something else. hahahah
I used to super like Albert Hammond Jr's solo stuff, but he's kind of a crazy human bean IRL.
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