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Explaining periods to men is hard. And weird. And confusing.

I've been fortunate that a lot of my previous S.O.s have been really interested about periods (as in-- they are curious!), ask about it, and supportive of my hormone rages.
But when trying to explain what a period cramps feel like? Yikes, that's where things get messy.
Here are some ways that I've heard men try to explain the pain of cramps.

It feels like there's a bunch of water sloshing around in your stomach.

And then it comes out right?

It feels like you overdid it on the crunches.

Like it was ab day or something yeah?

It feels like being punched in the stomach.

Well yes, we do double-over in pain very often.

It feels like your insides are melting.

Well, sort've melting, sort've just rejecting your body.

It feels like little gnomes doing construction on your insides.

I tend to agree with this one the most... Because I like the idea of elves working inside me.
In reality, periods suck. But they are different for all women. Sometimes it's a combination of bad nausea, sometimes tight pinching feel, sometimes you feel like a bloated walrus. But asking questions to understand is always appreciated and respected!

How would you describe the feeling??

I say my cramps feel like I gotta poop really really bad but u can't get any relief and it doesn't stop hurting. I also feel the size of an elephant and feel so gross and icky that I don't want to leave my shower till it's over plus I get migraines and leg pain.
doing too many crunches is actually a pretty good analogy, since a lot of the pain is from your muscles working overtime. It's just a little bit deeper. Though a lot of people also get dehydration and anaemia, which gan give you kind of flu-like symptoms. If it is giving you crippling pain though see a doctor!!! It really shouldn't be like that and it could be a symptom of something really wrong.
For dudes it's more like this sort of stuff intensifies: sweat or body odor, muscle aches, bone aches, rushes of access energy, hair growth, thirst, increased rage or emotional instability, hunger, increased sexual drive (Or decrease in some cases) .... I'd say men produce over double the amount of women because their body consumes it so fast. And obviously women don't need that sort of physical boost since they're on their own gender pathway with estrogen. @nicolejb
Let's see... my ex's described them as: extreme lower back pain, feeling like you ate too much and your stomach somehow dropped into your abdominal area. The feeling of someone taking something slightly sharp and scraping it along your insides. The feeling of something squeezing your insides. The constant feeling of something leaking without your approval. A very annoying sensitivity that often makes your chest also ache (Don't quite get that one...o.O) ... Um, someone said something like red ants living inside you, which grossed me out, in a sort of interesting way.
Right now, it feels like someone is playing tug-of-war with my uterus while strangling it with dull barbed wire.
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