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Alzheimer’s is a disease that has touched too many families over the course of time.
Over the past couple of decades, countless dollars have been donated in an effort to find what causes the disease and to find ways to treat the issue.
While a cure hasn't been discovered yet, new research on the disease states one potential cause: Sexually Transmitted Infections.
Chlamydia and herpes are the most likely candidates because they’re everywhere. In 2013 alone, there were 131 million cases of chlamydia worldwide with 1 million in the U.S. alone.
The argument is that most people are infected and don’t realize it, but having your immune system compromised or put under severe stress might ‘awaken’ said bugs and then they go to work.
At the moment, this is on the table as a viable reason for the disease. Only time will tell if this sticks, but I think at this point everyone is interested in seeing this one disease be cured as quickly as possible.
nope, I don't agree. alhzeimer is not a disease, it's a human natural ageing process. it can't be heal, only can slow it down