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Find me on wattpad and read my other stories! Shineeforlife16 is my username! CAUGHT ME BY SURPRISE The street lamps are still on despite the bright sun shining down on the sidewalks. People on rush hour like their life is on the line. I am somehow rushing to my new job as an assistant in a big company called 'DAZED', as in a magazine for famous stars. I don't know how I landed the job, but I'm super grateful for the opportunity. There it is, the company looking back at me just from across the street. I wait for the signal to walk across. I never realize how big I'm smiling until people started to look at me funny like I have a disorder or something. When it's time, I start walking across the street. The erupting loud noise of a motorcycle comes near. I glance to my right to see a flaming motorcycle heading towards us, not slowing down even a little. I mentally begin to freak out as I'm running across with my eyes tightly shut. I turn around to see the motorcycle speeding past without care. My lungs breathe heavily as if I ran a marathon. "I didn't even get the license number". I cross my arms while watching the motorcycle disappear into the horizon. "You just wait till I see you again!", I shout even with all of the busy people surrounding me. Like a little girl receiving a new doll, my face lights up when I walk inside the company building. The whole place leaves quite an impression as my boss is showing me around. "Could you go pick up snacks for the other workers?", boss asks. I gladly smile, "Okay." As soon as I come in, I'm being sent out again. I only hope that I will be able to see the wonderful inside of such a beautiful company. "Where can I buy snacks that are good?", I ask myself, while walking down the sidewalk. "How about some chocolate chip cookies?", a voice appears from behind me. I think I almost jumped out of my skin, "Please don't scare me like that", I moaned in emotional pain. "At least be on alert in case someone kidnaps you", he warns me in a much deeper voice. I notice a helmet snug by his side when he walks beside me, "Why are you following me?", I ask with a sense that a stalker is on to me. "There is a convenience store ahead", he replies. I squint to see the sign high in the sky, 'Snack World', it must have every snack imaginable. We both walk into the store, separating into opposite directions. He is looking for junk food while I'm searching for healthy snacks. "Will they like nutrition bars?", I ask myself. I feel someone touch my shoulder from behind, "Buy these", he says handing me bags of flavor chips. I really start to feel torn between the two, "Should I go with the healthy snack bars or the unhealthy chips?" I go up to the register to check out, the look on the cashier's face is clear, "Does no one eat anything nutritious anymore?" I glance to see the guy with the helmet still picking up things from the shelves. I foreshadow something horrible, being yelled at by my boss; I take deep breaths as I enter the company once more. My bag of snacks seemingly heavy with only a few nutrition bars. "I have the snacks!", I announce to the rest of the workers. Even the boss comes in with his eyes focused on the bag in my hand. "I hope these will work", I say pulling out the nutrition bars. One of the workers immediately laughs, "You call this a good snack?" I lower the empty bag in my hand while looking at the bland carpet. "Tae", boss says in a serious voice. I look up at the boss innocently, "I wasn't sure what to buy them", I reply. "I feel like dead meat now". "Come to my office", he tells me. I brace my heart for the ongoing scolding for making one mistake. "You did the right thing", boss says with a smile. "Huh?" I am beyond shocked at his reaction. "They need healthy snacks while working, so their brains will work better", he replies. I nod in agreement, "I think the same way". "You may go to your desk", he tells me before I walk out into the main room. "All of these surprises, and I wasn't ready at all".
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