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After weeks have past and hours of practice, Bangtan was just days away to kick off the first concert of the world tour. Peyton was with them every day and there were times when she was not able to make it because of prior appointments that were already scheduled. Yoongi didn't let it bother him that she was not there. He did pretty well showing it to. However, not matter how hard he tried he would always look at the door in the practice room thinking she would walk in. Today though Peyton was with them as they had dress rehearsal.

Peyton took pictures and Yoongi was doing was he was supposed to do. That was to be Suga of Bangtan and a member of Bangtan that the ARMYs looked up to. The boys practiced throughout the day and only had breaks for a short period of time. During that time Peyton tried her best to download the photos that she took, onto her computer. She did that to keep her memory card somewhat empty. Somewhat along throughout the night, the boys had a much longer break. This break allowed them to eat and relax.

When they walked off the stage to head to the dressing room one by one the boys looked for Peyton. No one could find her. What they didn't know that where the audience seats were at she was asleep. Working all week with other clients and then working with Bangtan was taking its toll on her. Each boy went out to find her. The three young ones went as a group, Jin and Namjoon along with Hoseok went together. Leaving poor Yoongi all by himself to look for her. Since Yoongi was by himself, he decided to looked for Peyton within the first floor of seats. Sure enough he found her and like he has always done, he stared at her as she slept.

Her hair was falling in her face and just looking at her sleep Yoongi could not help but see this side of her.

'Cute' He thought.

He wanted to take a photo of these and maybe he would use it as blackmail. Why would he use this as blackmail? Simple, he would use it next time she would put her walls up when he is asking her questions.

"Oh hyung you found he, nice. "Yoongi turned to see that Jimin along with Taehyung and Jungkook. Jimin was the one that spoke.

"Oh um yeah I did. Looks like she is asleep, so let's leave here so she can sleep." Yoongi said and stuttered a little as he spoke. He was nervous because he thought that he was caught looking at her.

"Hyung how about you wake her up? Noona can sleep in the dressing room." Jungkook said to Yoongi.

Yoongi looked at Jungkook and then back at Peyton. He just wanted to leave her there, but at the same time he wanted to wake her up. He didn't know what to do.

"I feel bad for her." Taehyung said randomly. Yoongi along with Jimin and Jungkook looked at Taehyung. "Look at her she isn't use to working this late like us." Taehyung explained to them.

"Peyton has done pretty good with working with our schedule." Yoongi said while looking at Peyton. The boys told Yoongi to wake her and that there was food. When the three trouble makers left, Peyton woke up when she heard food. She was hungry and had been since they started the 5th round of practice. Standing up, Peyton stretched since her body was sore with the way she was sitting while sleeping.

"Here." Peyton looked up to see that Yoongi spoke and was holding his jacket. The same one that he placed on her a few weeks ago at KBS. She looked at him with a questioning look. "The temperature went down and it is cold. So just take it and wear it please." Yoongi add more and Peyton took the jacket without any questions asked. Even though it was the end of February, the weather was still cold.

"Are you sure you won't be cold?" She asked noticing his cheeks red. Peyton thought that he was one cold, two had a fever, or three he was blushing. Peyton went with three in her mind and choice one to ask.

"I'm fine and here in thirty minutes we will be starting back up again." He told her and started walking backstage. After putting the jacket on she grabbed her stuff and followed after him. Yoongi stopped and turned around to wait for Peyton to catch up to him. While he was waiting he caught that she had his jacket on. He could not help but notice how well it fit her. His jacket wasn't small or big on her and she looked cute in his jacket. Yoongi was trying to hide the fact that he liked that she was wearing his jacket.

Peyton noticed Yoongi staring and she felt somewhat anxious. She looked away from him and continued on her way to the back. Though she stopped short when her phone buzzed in her back pocket. She pulled her phone out to see who it was that was calling her. To her surprised it was her mother.

"Yoongi can you take my things; I have to take this call. So it will be awhile before I am off the phone." She told him and asked him. Yoongi said nothing and grabbed her things like she asked him to. Once he left she took a deep breath before she answered. "Hi mom." She said feeling tears threatening to escape.

"Honey you better not be crying; you know that if you cry I will cry." Her mother said. When she told her ex that he broke her family apart, she lied. Peyton had a good relationship with her family. After her almost wedding, her parents decide to give her some time on her own. Her parents went to the states to visit her mother parents. Her mother would call when she could. It has been six months since the almost horror wedding happened.

"Mom I'm not crying, I'm just tired and emotional. The last time we spoke was on my birthday." Peyton told her mom while wiping away the tears that escaped.

"I know and that was 3 weeks ago as I recall. So I take it that you are working or were you sleeping?"

"I'm working right now, but we are taking a 30 to 40-minute break. The boys have to eat and I was sleeping until they woke me when food arrived." Peyton told her mom and then started pacing back and forth.

"Well if I called you while you were working I would have felt bad. How is the job by the way? Are the boys treating you right?" Her mother asked and her father asked if the boys were treating their daughter right.

Peyton told both of her parents on how the job was going and that Bangtan was treating her right. Peyton shared on how her first day went along with how she was liking the job. She even told them about the new offer that she was given. Her father and mother both told her to wait and see what happens after the tour. Peyton asked them how her grandparents were doing. Her mother told her that grandma was in need of seeing her granddaughter. Peyton told her mother that if she had that time she would try and make a quick stop to say hi.

The whole time Peyton was on the phone, Yoongi went to grab a plate of food that consisted of a sandwich, fruit, and a cookie. Before living the dressing room, he grabbed his plate and two coffees. When he returned he watched Peyton speak in English and was pretty animated while talking with her hands. Yoongi sat the plates on the stage and leaned against watching her. He thought how one she was cute talking, two she was really cute with his jacket on, and three he was having a hard time understanding on what she was saying in English.

When Peyton was off the phone and feeling refreshed, she turned around and was glade to she food. Of course she was happy to Yoongi and thanked him for getting her a plate. Before she took a bite of her sandwich, Yoongi apologized on how he acted the day she was in his studio. After that day, both kept silent around each other. Yoongi acted as if it didn't happen while he was with the members. Laughing and acting like his random self that made the fans swoon over. Peyton just worked as if she was back as her workplace taking photos.

Peyton told Yoongi that she was at fault with not wanting to open up. She even told him that she loves talking to him and the members. She loves opening up in what her interests were, but she was not ready to open up about any secrets that she kept hidden.

"Thank you for getting me some food. You have no idea how hungry I was when all of you guys started the 5th round of the song 'Tomorrow.' Plus, I think that song is on my favorite song playlist." Peyton said in between bites. Yoongi was looking around, but when she told him that his song that he wrote was one of her favorites. He was lost for words and looked away from her when she turned to look at him. Yoongi felt like he was back in high school with looking at her and the looking away.

As usual Yoongi was quiet and said nothing as he snuck glances at her while he ate. Once they finished Peyton and Yoongi along with the others went back to work. Everyone work throughout the night and into the next day. When noon rolled around everyone was walking like zombies and Yoongi was in a mood that he didn't want to talk to anyone. The boys were told to head home and get some rest.

Peyton was packing her things half asleep, but she still had some energy to call Jong. She had five miss calls from him and in every message he was pissed off at her.

"Jong I know that you are there and still pissed. Why are you pissed off at me?" She asked. Placing her camera in last before zipping everything closed.

"Sorry I think you have the wrong number. The only person that has this number is no longer available." Jong said to her and was being an ass.

"Ok sorry that haven't called you and sorry that I didn't have the time to spend with you on my birthday. To make up the lost time how about you pick me up are the concert hall." She said to him.

"Ok I'll bring you favorite coffee. See you in a bit." If anything could make Jong happy it would be him spending time with his best friend. Peyton hung up and sat down in a chair that was empty and inviting to sit in.

Closing her eyes, she was about to sleep when she heard voices and footsteps walking over to her. Opening her eyes, she couldn't help but smile upon seeing Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook standing over her. Peyton stood up, but that didn't help with her height.

"Noona here." Jungkook handed her a gift. Peyton gave him a question look.

"We wanted to give this to you on your birthday, but you were working with some of your clients. So happy late birthday noona." Jimin explained to her.

Peyton couldn't help but smile while thanking them. In a distance Yoongi was waiting for the rest of the members before getting in the van. He looked over the see the three youngest ones talking with Peyton and handing her a gift. Yoongi was curious and starting walking over when he was bumped by someone.

"Sorry didn't see you there." Said the person who he bumped into.

"Don't worry about it." Yoongi said and looked up to the person. Jong was the person standing in front of him.

"Oh hi Suga."

"Hi Jong, Peyton is over there with Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook." Yoongi told him but wasn't able to finish listing after he said Jimin. Sighing Yoongi continued to walk over to where Peyton was at.

"Hey you three we need to go. I'm not the only one who wants to get home and sleep." Yoongi complained while trying to figure out why Jong raced over to Peyton's side when he said Jimin's name.

"Alright hyung we'll go." Taehyung and Jimin said at the same time. Jungkook didn't move, thinking that Yoongi was going to do something with Peyton. What Jungkook didn't know was that with Jong there Yoongi wasn't going to do anything.

"Let's go Jungkook we need the rest before we start up again tomorrow. We'll see you tomorrow Peyton." Yoongi told Jungkook and then looked at Peyton before leaving.

When Bangtan were all in the van, their manager drove them to their dorm were each one of them were ready to fall into deep sleep. Few of the members were asleep and Yoongi was almost at the point until Jimin asked him on who that guy was next to Peyton.

"That is her best friend you can ask me more about him when I know who he is personally. Right now I just know him as her friend. Leave me be please." Yoongi told Jimin and closed his eyes.

Peyton waited until the van left before she and Jong left. Jong was gushing about how hot Jimin was and Peyton reminded him that Jimin didn't swing that way.

"Well you may not see it, but I sure hope he does." Jong said as he skipped to his car. Peyton didn't have her car since Bangtan picked her up every day that they had practice. When Peyton walked over to the passenger side, she opened the door and felt really comfortable with just sitting down in the car.

"Jong let's get coffee because I know that if I sleep now I will be awake all night long." She told Jong when he sat down and started the car.

"Alright let's go, by the way what is in that box that the Jungkook gave you?" Jong asked. Peyton wanted to know as well and opened the box. Inside had a sweatshirt with all the boy's name on it. They even signed the back where the names were listed. Along with the sweatshirt there was 3 albums that she told them a few weeks ago that she really liked. Part one and part two In the Mood for Love, 2 Cool 4 Skool, and Skool Luv Affair. Peyton when she had the time and money, she would go and looked around to see what was the newest hit or topic. A few times she would see Bangtans albums always on the most bought and popular albums. Time and time again Peyton thought about buying their albums but she never put that thought into action. This is what she told the boys on what she never really heard their music. Of course she would at time look around the internet and watch mvs on the top kpop groups. Bangtan just happened to be in that list.

"That's pretty cool that they gave you that." Jong said when he was at a stop light. Peyton was so tired that she had no idea that Jong pulled out of the parking lot at the concert hall.

"Yeah the album's that they gave me I told them that they were my favorite. I think it's pretty cool that they signed the sweatshirt and the album's." She looked at Jong who was looking back and forth between her and the light.

"So who's jacket?" Jong asked when he looked forward when the light changed.

"Oh shit I forgot about giving it back. I guess I'll have to give it back when I see him again." Peyton felt bad that she still had it on and forgot all about it. Guess you can say that she was blaming it all on the lack of sleep that she has been getting for the past weeks.

"You know that didn't answer my question." Jong said when pulling up to Starbucks. He ordered Peyton's usual, white chocolate mocha. Jong ended up getting the special that they had for that day. Once he paid and received the drinks he gave Peyton hers, which she burnt her tongue when she immediately went for her first sip of her coffee.

"Ow." She said and Jong looked over at her. He reminded her that she should have waited until it was cooled. In returned Peyton glared at him while he was laughing at her. He drove over to her place and the whole day they sat in her small living room.

"So Jimin looks really good with his orange hair." Jong told her when he was making something for both of them to eat.

"You know that he is straight and that he only acts that way because of the fans. How is that dating site that you signed up on?" She told and asked him. She went to her room and changed into sweats and she kept Yoongi's jacket.

"I know I just wish it was true on how he acts around his members. The website I haven't had much luck with any meet me's, but there has been a few that would send messages to me. Though it's not what I'm looking for." He told Peyton when he walked back into the living room with two plates full with food.

They ate in silence and spoke about what she was going to pack since she was leaving with Bangtan in the coming week. While the spoke about that and other things Peyton was trying to fight the sleep that was coming over her.

"I should go and let you sleep. Tomorrow before you leave for work you and I need to talk about Suga." Jong said to her while he was getting his shoes one.

"What do you mean? Yoongi is just a client that I'm working with." She told him not even bothering to walk him out. She was exhausted and had no energy left.

"Of that's what you want to say." With that he said his good bye and walked out. When the door closed Peyton could take it anymore and was fast asleep.

While she was sleeping someone walked into her place and sat on the coffee table. He walked her sleep and when an hour pasted he left after covering her with a blanket.

The next day was the last day for practice and rehearsal. Peyton wasn't needed there, but she figured she could be there to know where she should stand for the first concert. The first concert was tomorrow and everybody was on edge to make sure that everything was perfect. That's what they did when the first day of the concert arrived. The boys made sure that they didn't mess up, but not everything was perfect. Before the boys went on stage Namjoon had them gather around to say a few encouraging words for each of them. Peyton was there like the other photographers taking photos of the boys.

When the day of the last concert arrived Peyton was out with the audience watching Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon perform one of their cyphers. Peyton was in awe along with the fans watching their performance.

"Is everyone having fun?" Yoongi asked.

"Yes!" A.R.M.Y yelled back in reply.

"You know that this coming Tuesday will be our 1000th day with A.R.M.Y and then we will be celebrating Suga's birthday. However, we will not be here on those days since we will be starting our world tour. So since today is our last concert here in Seoul, we want to make the rest of the concert special for everyone here tonight. Before we start let's sing happy birthday to Suga." Namjoon told to all of the fans and soon everyone was singing happy birthday. Peyton joined and took photos of how happy Yoongi looked. Peyton wondered if Yoongi's smile could get any bigger then it was. Sure enough it did as the concert continued. Peyton couldn't help but smile along with him.
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