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Every week it's the same thing, we work and work and work all week and then when Friday comes we go nuts. It's a common theme in life. When you get time that is your own, you either do nothing, or do everything.
These songs are for the people who want to do everything.

1. When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys

Things do change when the sun goes down. And on Friday after you've worked yet another long, tiring week sometimes you have no choice but to go out and get down. This will make you want to hit up a scuzzy dive bar and drink until sunrise. Good way to start things off.

2. Reptilia - The Strokes

You might remember this song from a car commercial or Guitar Hero, but honestly, who doesn't get hyped when it comes on? This guitar line is legendary, and the chorus is enough to make even the most crotchety person get up and dance. No matter, if you're partying by yourself or with a million of your closest friends...this is a fucking banger.

3. Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead

I know a lot of you stateside don't know this band. That is your mistake. Correct it now and make sure that you listen closely, because your life is about to change. This is one of many Libertines off-shoots that will appear on this list. Still, this is a rad song to drink to and will make you want to beat up your worst enemy. Yeah, be careful 'bout that.

4. Makeout Party - Green Day

This is a lesser known track from their 2013 release "Dos". The whole triple album is brilliant, in my opinion. And no song makes me want to go out more than this one. Grab your girlfriends, boyfriends whatever. Grab your squad and hit the bar. You will not be disappointed! This live version is rough, but it will give you the idea of the energy of the track.

5. Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones

I'm going to throw a little old school stuff in here. My personal favorite Stones track is perfect for those moments where you're contemplating your game plan or just sitting around chilling with friends. It's a low maintenance track with a killer beat and even better lyrics. Put this on to appease your scummy hipster friends.

6. L.A. Devotee - Panic! At The Disco

This is the perfect song to play while you're getting ready to go out. If you're a pre-gamer, or you take a long time to pick an outfit at least have a killer soundtrack. This is a song that was pre-released for Panic's latest album "Death Of A Bachelor". It will blow you away, even if you're not a Panic! fan.

7. Kilimanjaro - Babyshambles

Chug a few beers to this tune and you will be on your way to an incredible night. The drums at the beginning, and the incredible indie vibe of this British band will make your mates turn and say, "wait, what IS that song!?" And you can smile and laugh and say, "Oh, just a recommendation from my favorite person on Vingle, Tess Stevens. It's Babyshambles and it rules." Thanks. Bye.

8. Up The Bracket - The Libertines

You didn't think you could escape without a Libs track, now would you? This is one of my favs. An oldie, but a goodie. It kicks off with a scream from Pete Doherty that brings back memories of your wildest college parties. Then, you're launched into a pisser of a 2 minute and something track. Proceed with caution, because this song makes people go hard. Also, eyes off the tall bloke singing. He's mine. ;)

9. My Generation - The Who

Another oldie, but goodie. This one used to really get me energized. Something about the universal fact that young people never feel like they're understood. It goes hand in hand in hand for a night of drinking or debauchery.

10. Suffragette City - David Bowie

Round off your night with my favorite Bowie track, Suffragette City. Kick it live for that extra bit of oomf. Nothing compares to the Thin White Duke and his energy while playing live. I really love this performance from the '90's because it's got these fun live dancers and it's sped up a little bit too. Now go out. Get messed up. Live.
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Great selection. Actually makes me want to go out! Wait, perfect timing, it saturday! :)