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Looks like the Hodge twins once again have changed their diet. They went from eating meat, to eating vegetarian, to calling themselves 'vegans' even though they were still technically vegetarian. Anyway, now they call themselves "flexatarian."
In the video they say they will be on a mostly plant-based diet, but will consume meat about 3 times a week.
The reason why they stopped the vegan/vegetarian thing was because they said they noticed a decrease in muscle mass. Well, much respect for them trying!
Seriously I think society has these real extremes people seem to aim for! real skinny or overly muscled looks, which make me worry to be honest, are they good for themselves or the planet? To be honest the does seem to be quite a lot of people who become veg* and shout out about it, which is fine but then a while later stop and shout out about why the is some problem with the diet... it takes time to change the body, like if you suddenly stop sugar or smoking your going to feel real bad for a while, its the same with protein, you only need some 5% protein and that's so small you get it from just normal starch and veg. But you do need to eat more fruit and veg than the normal population of unhealthy sugar starch protein people anyway to be healthy, mmm sorry its a bit of a rant, its too early in the morning for my brain to think straight.
Awwww boo! I wish they had stuck it out. :/ I really love their videos though, seriously fun dudes. I appreciate them still, but I'm glad that they acknowledge that it was emotional and like...not sustainable for them. I get that. I'm proudly still veggie and I love it!
Hahahaha I've never seen them before but they're freakin hilarious!
@mrsmith for sure, the body sort of goes into a shock. You got to figure out what works, and like you said, readjust.
@alywoah Sounds like your doing OK, I think if you have been eating one diet for years and you change for another, there is of cause doing to be a time of readjustment.
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