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Looks like the Hodge twins once again have changed their diet. They went from eating meat, to eating vegetarian, to calling themselves 'vegans' even though they were still technically vegetarian. Anyway, now they call themselves "flexatarian."
In the video they say they will be on a mostly plant-based diet, but will consume meat about 3 times a week.
The reason why they stopped the vegan/vegetarian thing was because they said they noticed a decrease in muscle mass. Well, much respect for them trying!
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Hahahaha I've never seen them before but they're freakin hilarious!
@alywoah I tend to try and change the starches every meal; oats, rice, pasta, cuscus, potatoes, wheat and breads, corn, lentils and beans, sprouts etc, then lots of veg and herbs and spice depending on what meal it is, fruit for snacks and nuts are good as well. But at the beginning just make sure you vary and mix stuff and don't worry too much about what you eat if its healthy your body will probably will be happy for it.
@mchlyang dude you should really look at their channel on YouTube. They are my favorite
These two crack me up
@ThePervySage they are hilarious