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I was watching the classic movie Pretty Woman the other night, and I was shocked how much of it I totally forgot. It's a really spectacular movie staring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, with some of the best scenes. I promise I definitely didn't forget there "Big mistake-- HUGE!" as Vivian shouted at the sales clerks. But how well do you remember the movie? Here's a quiz to find out! *click through ALL the questions before moving onto the answers!*

Julia Roberts says, "I think you should track all your responses first!"

Did you pick mostly Bs? Congrats! You remember the movie oh-so well. You probably gush during the love scenes (remember the piano scene??) and faint at the end when Edward comes to get Vivian in his white limo.

How well did you remember this classic??

my all time favorite. got all them right.
This was one of my go to movies for a looong time. I went through a range of emotions. The piano scene-HOT! I think my favorite part was her helping him to reconnect with the simple things in life. You may have guessed, I got all the questions correct.
Oooh man it has been awhile since I've seen this movie! Hmm! I got most of it right yay!