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"Taken" is an amazing film.
The plot is simple, but the action and passion that Liam Neeson brings to the movie series make it a must watch for me everytime I see it on television. Who could forget his epic monologue on the phone during the first film. Great work for sure.
Since the film's release, the series has built a monster following. Recently, one of the fans of the film released a cool 90 seconds "Taken" recap of the film.
For those under a rock for the past decade which has led to them missing the series, the plot is simple: Someone in Neeson’s family gets captured, or whatever, and he has to recuse them and kill the bad guys using a particular set of skills.
Basically, there’s a lot of punching, and stabbings, and wisecracks, and gunshots, and Liam Neeson asking “where is she/he.”
There's a bit more meat to the series, but for the most part, it is what it is. To me, its the scene transitions and endless cool action that make it a great movie.
What's your favorite scene in the Taken series?