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You sit in one of the many rooms at the church admiring the beading on your dress. Your make-up and hair was done flawlessly, not a strand out of place. You look outside the window, smiling at all your guest starting to come in and smiled. You thought to yourself I guess a small wedding wasn't in the cards for us. "Hey baby girl", your dad says, interrupting your thoughts. "Daddy!!!!! I thought you would be out mingling with the guest or with mom." " Well I was, but your mother was going overboard again so I slipped away to see how my baby girl was holding up." " I'm fine daddy, just anxious to get started." "You look so beautiful baby girl. Should I lock you up so he can't marry you?" my dad joked. "Daddy!!!!! Do you want him to sneak in like before????" With a stern look, your dad looks at you, then burst out laughing. "I'll never forget the looks of your faces when me and your mother came in. I though you were going to kill him dad." "Trust me, I wanted to but I think it was in everyone's best interest to not do it. Now I couldn't asked for a better future son-in-law" my dad said. "Well I'm glad you approve. He is one awesome person. He can really light up the room with his smile and his personality. As long if my baby girl is happy, then I'm happy." "Dad, your gonna make me cry!!!" You look at your dad teary eyed and instantly your dad starts to wipe his eyes saying that there's an eyelash that fell in his eye. You both break out laughing at each other to prevent one another from crying. As you grab a tissue to wipe your dad's face, the wedding planner steps in and announced that everyone is ready. You smile and take your dad's arm as your dad asks, "Are you ready?" I've never been ready as you both walk down the hallway where the wedding party was setting up.
Hey everyone!!!!!! Happy Friday folks!!!!!!! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. I'm going to try to upload the third chapter next Friday or earlier depending on my work schedule. Again thank you for reading and comments are welcome too!!!!!!! Tagging my buddies: @lilbr0wneyes @JakieG1617 @Sailynn @BBxGD @Helixx @KaitlyHewitt @MrsJungHoseok @KwonOfAKind @KDSnKJH @CallMeMsDragon @PrettieEmm @Jiyonglxoxo @catchyacrayon @KhrystinaLee @SarahVanDorn @luna1171 @MelissaGarza @SofiaFifi @lovetop @saradarwish @katyng52 @Kpopandkimchi
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