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She stared at me with fiery eyes that burned with anger and a little bit of sadness. I stood up and walked in front of her. I bowed to her and smiled kindly. She continued to scowl at me. "Hello there miss! I'm Y/L/N Y/F/N and I'm going to be working here!" She let out a huff of air and bowed sarcastically to me.
"I'm Yi DaeChul, the main receptionist and assistant to everyone, worker and idol alike." She pulled out a folder and handed it to me. "This is some basic information on your job. If you have any questions just bother me." She made a low growling sound at me then walked out of the office. I stared at the door where she went through then back at the folder. I opened up the folder on my desk to investigate the contents.
Page after page about my job in fine detail down to the hour. I sat at my desk and began reading each page. Around 12 o'clock, Jungkook came to my office with a big smile on his face. Behind him was Taehyung smiling almost as much as Jungkook.
"Y/N! We're going out for lunch. Do you want to come with us?" Jungkook looked down at me with hopeful eyes.
"Of course I'm going with you!" His eyes lit up with excitement. "Plus you have to protect me somewhat." I stood up and walked out of the office with Jungkook and Taehyung. The rest of the boys were standing in the lobby waiting for Jungkook and Taehyung to return.
"Where are we going today?" Jimin held the door for all of us as we left for wherever.
"I think we should let Y/N pick since this is her first work day." Jin said in front of me.
"I don't know any restaurants in the area, or Seoul in general." I said.
"How about we walk down the usual areas and then she'll pick where she wants to eat." Taehyung said excitedly. We didn't have any other ideas, so we went along with Taehyung's idea. They led me down a few streets with restaurants they eat at often. None of them really caught my eye, until we walked down one of the less popular streets. A little cafe-style restaurant, hidden to the side, looked nice to me.
"What about that place there?" I asked. I got surprised and excited looks from the boys since the only things I've said was "Eh." and "Mmm, no."
"Do you want to eat here, y/n?" Yoongi asked me.
"This place looks good. So, yeah, let's eat here." The boys almost ran to the door of the restaurant while I followed behind them. They slowed down at the door and almost carefully opened the door.
"Oh, boys! You're back!" An older woman greeted them very warmly at the door. "Oh, who is this pretty girl? Is this one of your girlfriends?" She chuckled then walked up to me with a bright smile on her face.
"No, we aren't dating her. It's more like, protecting her from something." Namjoon said a bit nervously. "I'll tell you later. Now isn't the time for story telling."
"The next time might not be for months, Nammy!" She crossed her arms and turned to Namjoon. "You haven't come by for so long, I was worried that something happened to you boys. Luckily my granddaughter kept me up to date on you boys." Namjoon opened his mouth to say something but got interrupted. "Yes, yes, I know that you boys have been busier than ever with your popularity, but not even dropping by to say hello is just downright rude." She sighed and walked over to a closet to grab something. "What do you boys want today? We've added a few things to the menu since the last time you were in here." She placed a few extra seats at a long table and gestured for us to go over.
"We've been practicing extra hard lately and I think we need some more meat to keep us going for the next few hours." Hoseok said to her. She nodded and went to the kitchen area. "Ah, it's good to be back here. This place really brings back memories to the early Bangtan days." The others nodded and took their places at the table.
"Do you guys have a special affinity for this place?" I said.
"We ate here often during our trainee days and in 2013 when we weren't as busy with our schedules." Jin started to explain to me. "We ate here a lot because this place is cheap and we could afford a good meal for cheap. Plus, Aunty is very kind and interested in us. He granddaughter has been a fan of ours for a long time. She's also really nice like her."
"Here you all go!" Aunty set down a few plates on the table then left to get more.
"Ooh!" We looked at all the food that she brought. There were a few different types of meat and wrapping lettuce on the plates. Aunty brought more plates for us and left again for more. Again, we looked at all the food in awe. When Aunty brought the last round of food she sat on a seat next to our table. There were 10 plates of different meats, pork, beef, some fish, and chicken; vegetables, fried and raw; dipping sauces for the meat and vegetables, and rice.
"Let's eat!" Jin said loudly. We all grabbed our chopsticks and gave a quick thanks to Aunty for the food then started to eat. None of us talked much, just asking for a sauce or plate from across the table. The only one really talking was Aunty to me about their affinity with her and the restaurant, their trainee days, and her granddaughter. 45 minutes later, not much was left on any of the plates except a few bones. The boys started to catch up with Aunty while I sipped my water. I noticed Jungkook, who was sitting nearest to her, said something into Aunty's ear which made her giggle and look at me.
"Here you go, Aunty." Jin handed Aunty some money to pay for the food. All of us bowed to her and thanked her again for the food. She opened the wad of money and looked at it with surprise.
"This is twice as much as it costs! I'm surprised that you can afford to give me this much!" She flipped through the money with wide eyes then looked up to Jin.
"We can afford more things now. This is for you taking care of us during our trainee days. Please use it to make more yummy food in the future." Jin bowed once again to Aunty and said goodbye to her and the rest of us did the same.
"You boys come back more often, now! Oh, and work hard, too!" She called to us as we walked out the door. We started to walk back to the Big Hit building and they started to ask me about what my job is, since they were never told.
"I just do whatever you want me to do. Listen to your music, help with your dance, get you food during practice, whatever." We then came across a detour sign on the sidewalk.
"'Road closed for construction'" Namjoon read off the sign. We looked down the street that the sign pointed down. Most of them seemed nervous about walking down the unknown street, but we continued to walk. We turned the corner and were met with a man with a top hat and red cape in a tuxedo.
"Hello, hello! I'm a traveling magician and I want to spread my name across the globe!" He bowed and swished his cape a few times. "I am Dan the magical man! I am originally from the U.S., so I am unsure of what is cool magic here in South Korea." He took off his top hat and pulled a black sheet out and held it out proudly. "You, I've seen you before." He pointed to Jungkook. "You were on a magazine cover in a store today. For lip balm or something, I'm not sure."
"So what about him?" Jimin said almost bitterly.
"Well, could you, sir, come here behind this sheet and..." He scanned each of our faces carefully then pointed to me. "you! Come here behind this sheet too." I stood beside Jungkook nervously as he held up the sheet in front of us and blocked our view from the others. "Now, please stand behind that crack in the side walk so that none of you ruin the magic, and stay there." I heard them back up considerably then stop. "Now, on three, these two will be teleported elsewhere." I heard Taehyung yell out against him.
"Oh, don't worry, I'll return them after I teleport them."
"Are you sure? Are you sure that you can actually teleport them? And if you can, are you actually able to bring them back?" Yoongi said with anger in his voice.
"Of course. These are your close friends, right? I'll be sure to bring them back in one piece. Now, the show shall begin!" He shook the sheet so that waves showed up in the sheet. "One!" Jungkook grabbed my hand and brought me closer to him.
"Whatever you do, do not let go of my hand. I have a bad feeling about this." He whispered into my ear.
"Then why don't we just run?" I whispered back.
"Worse things might happen if we do." Jungkook's voice was shaky. Our hands
interlocked when the last number was called.
"Three!" Three men ran in from the alleyway beside us and covered our mouths before anything came out. One carried me and the other two carried Jungkook back down the alley and around a corner where a van was waiting with open doors. I could here the others shouting in awe and shock. While I struggled to keep hold of Jungkook's arm, I noticed that a few other people waited in the van with ropes and balled up cloth. Jungkook looked back at me with tears in his eyes and back to the two men who were holding him. We were harshly thrown into the van and I barely had anytime to take a breath before I got the wind knocked out of me. Before my vision went dark, I saw Jungkook already lying on his side, motionless.
Cliffhanger~! Well, that chapter was everywhere. I thought that the story was boring in the middle, but then my brain told me to put something exciting in. I might get another chapter in this weekend, but I might not. Hm. Oh well. Drop any feedback, questions, suggestions for any member in the comment. I'll respond to any questions and I will put suggestions into the story. Keep that in mind. Bye~
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