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"Well this sucks." Kyungil said as he sighed loudly, pacing the beach. "Are you sure you can't call anyone?"
Namjoon shot him an annoyed look "Don't you think I tried? There's no signal! We're trapped here until someone comes looking for us."
Tao jumped up from the sand "Wait so you're telling me we're trapped on this island in the middle of nowhere."
Isn't that what he just said?
"Pretty much." Namjoon sighed, "But for now I think we should think about how we're going to survive on this island while waiting for help."
You don't say! I never would have though of that.
"Don't worry you guys, we'll make it through this. We just have to stay strong. Someone is bound to come looking for us," said Yongguk.
Hanbin nodded his head in agreement "That's right... But while we're waiting, we should go back to the plane and see what provisions are lying around. You never know what you may find."
Hopefully a clue.
Seungcheol agreed, "I guess we should head out then."
Hanbin and Seungcheol started walking off with Kyungil straying not too far behind. It took awhile for Tao and Yongguk to follow behind their brave companions.
"This can't end well," Tao muttered.
You're telling me, but is Namjoon coming with us? We can't just leave the brains of the operation in the middle of nowhere. This is not how a team works. Also, Bobby, don't think I can't see you hiding behind them trees. If you're gonna follow us, at least stay with the group. On the plus side, I'm glad you survived the plane crash and I'm sure Hanbin will be too when he sees you.
The adventure has just begun... but the worst has yet to come.

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@torchix fxxk off, ihysm. why would you jinx me like this? knock on wood right now, young lady!
Your team seems doomed
Yeah....The brain is going with them; they're not going to leave him/her