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My first time listening to a musical I was hooked. I enjoyed it through high school, college, and even after the fact. Because if you love musical theatre it's just their for life.
How can you tell you love musicals more than life?! Well, you live and breathe them that's how!

AND you do all of these things...

1. You miss wearing crazy makeup and sometimes the occasional facial hair. And wigs! Oh how you miss the wigs!
2. You are forever getting messages from your old cast members “I miss back in the day when we would have to practice X over and over.”
3. Whenever anyone says they did musicals in high school, you feel an excitement deep in your soul. Because you KNOW YOU WILL BE BEST FRIENDS.
4. You know that the movie versions are great and all, but they just don’t compare to a live performance. (anyone that’s seem Phantom of the Opera KNOWS)
5. You’ve dreamed of quitting everything and moving to New York City, like, every day. Because Broadway calls the every fiber of your being!
6. You watch ticket sales obsessively. When shows go on the road you FLIP OUT TO CHECK IF THEY ARE COMING TO YOU PLEASE LET IT BE SOOOO.
7. Five-hundred , twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes … (you are singing right now).
8. You collect programs/playbills up the wazoo.
9. You sing Rent overtime you have to pay Rent. When saying goodbye you might sing “bye bye birdie!” And when introducing yourself you might think for a second that saying "My name is Alexander Hamilton!” might be a good response.
10. You are a part of the theatre community wherever you go. Even though you might not be in a show now, you try to participate in local shows as much as possible. Because the stage is your true love <3
Me too @szewwy <3 <3 I want to start writing more musical stuff :D
I love this ❤❤❤❤❤❤