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Sometimes it's hard to find your confidence after you end a relationship with someone. One of the many times I broke up with someone, I would somehow start feeling guilty for not wanting to be in the relationship anymore. Not that I shouldn't have felt guilty (I usually end relationships in the worst possible ways) but I was letting it eat me up and it was hard to be a person.
And in those moments, I feel like I need a reminder that even though I definitely went about breaking up with the person in the wrong way, I shouldn't be guilty for feeling like I wanted out of the relationship. Usually, it's hard for me to find this kind of confidence in song. But when I heard David Bazan's I Never Wanted You, it became my anthem for break ups.
I don't have a doubt in my mind that I'll get into relationships in the future that'll I'll eventually end. That being said, this song will always be on my playlist. The song is straight forward and after you break up with someone you've grown to dislike, it's a good one to sing real loud in your bathroom or car.

Notable Lyrics:

Baby, I was faking the whole time. You know we never connected. You only thought we did.

Baby, I was faking the whole time.

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good song.