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Macaroni and cheese is one of the meals I can never get enough of.
Like many kids in college I was on a limited budget financially. This led to me eating a fair amount of Kraft macaroni and cheese. It filled me up and gave me a solid bang for my buck.
Today, Kraft announced a change in the recipe that resulted in an uproar on the internet.
Kraft announced back in April of last year that it would remove artificial preservatives and dyes, without changing the color or flavor.
According to CNN Money, this is also in line with other changes Kraft has made to its other macaroni products, including the attempt to use more whole grains.
Here's the twist: Kraft made the changes in December, but didn't announce them until today.
Personally, I like that they are providing a healthier product, even if it tastes a bit different.
What do you think, should Kraft have made us aware of the change as soon as it happened?
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They probably should have made the announcement when it hit the shelves with the new recipe. But I think it's a good change, and people should be happy about it. They're trying to make a classic favorite more healthy, and I thank them for that. My 3 year old loves mac-n-cheese, and I prefer buying Kraft over Velveeta. I'll give it a try and see if there's a difference.