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There were rumors that Lee Jong Suk and IU had some tension with each other when they were both MCs together for 'Inkigayo'. The rumors stated that once the cameras were off, the pair never really talked to each other and didn't get along in the waiting room. On the June 4 episode of SBS' 'Incarnation', he admitted, "To be honest, when we were MCs together, we never really said anything to each other outside of the job." He explained, "Since the main demographic of 'Inkigayo' is young children, the expressions and costumes had to be 1-dimensional. I didn't like that, but IU would give her own input and ideas like, 'Let's dress up as Peter Pan'. I talked to the writer about these things, and I would have to dress up too." He continued, "IU wanted to do different costumes, and we did pretty much everything, like Leon and Mathilda. So I was a little bit annoyed. We even dressed up as a snowman. I didn't like bouncing around and stuff like that, so I didn't move around much, and I was later told that I looked a little rude." He finally admitted, "She has a cute image, but back then I didn't like her very much. I didn't want to talk to her about it, but when I was stepping down, I became sad. I guess we grew fondness for each other by fighting, it may sound weird, but that's what happened. When we contacted each other (afterwards), I asked her, 'Why did you do that? You knew I didn't like to do those type of things', and she said, 'I just wanted to put on a good performance (for the show)'. She also said, 'Oppa, you cheated and even talked to the writer about it'." He then clarified, "Now we're really close friends." ____ This kid is too honest... I love how he just admitted that he used to not get along with IU because she was too cute. And I sincerely he doesn't get hated because of this thing lol. On the other hand, MC is kind of expected to do these kinds of things... and actually he was still being professional and did it. He whined about it, but he tried it, so we can't really blame him, eh? Anyway, he realized he isn't made to do MC and just step down from the shows ^^
@chasinghapiness please do!! I can always share him with you haha. Waiting for this ep with sub they talk about a lot of things :D
oh honest boy! you're making me like him ^^