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Riding roller coasters isn't a ton of fun for everyone.
Personally, I can't stand the things. I mean, why would I want to pay someone 100 bucks to pick me up 450 and drop me over and over again? I know people love the "rush" but sheesh.
I remember the first time I went on Skull mountain. I actually had no idea it was a roller coaster. I saw the water out front, my friend told me it was a water ride, so I said, "Why not." When it finally took off and they started raising me up, I was pissed.
As pissed as I was when it went on it's first big drop, I doubt I was as salty as this lady. Looks like this ride was punishment for years of transgression on her behalf.
I don't know what's running through her mind, but this has classic MEME background written all over it, don't you think?
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lol what's wrong with her?
she is not amused
when the squad is turnt but you aren't feeling it.
the song that plays throughout the ride probably danced on top of the corpse of her last nerve. I was a kid when I went on that ride, and I still wanted to set the animatronic animals on fire after a minute of hearing the music.
Yeah I think she was rather bored haha