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Masks are worn for a variety of reasons-protection purposes, fashion, to hide one's identity, and so on. This goes for anime characters as well. The mysterious allure of their secret identity is something of true beauty. Let's check out some of the most iconic anime masks in existence! THANK YOU GUYS FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO LOOK AT THIS CARD. DON'T FORGET TO SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON BELOW AND SEE YA! also can you let me know how to tag someone i still dont know disclaimer all the photos and the things you see information were all gathered and edited by me and without wasting any more time let's get started!
10. Design: a white mask with purple marks on both eyes And last but not least, we have No Face. Although it is not certain if this is a mask or No Face's actual face, the indifferent expression shown is one that will haunt you for ages! Sorry guys the photo actually shows red and also a few times in the anime too. so I had to put it.
9. Design: simple white masquerade mask Mamoru Chiba's alter ego, Tuxedo Mask, wears a white mask to complement his black tuxedo well i mean it still some thing.....
8. Design: a yellow and blue pointed mask which exposes Usopp’s nose and eyes Usopp’s alter ego Sogeking dons an anime mask to hide his identity from the other Straw Hat members following his "leave" from the crew. I NEVER SEEN A PIRATE WEAR A MASK LIKE THAT ! EXCEPT FOR SOMETHING LIKE KAKASHI'S!
7. Design: black anime mask that covers half of Kakashi's face Kakashi has donned this simple mask for pretty much forever. The secret behind what lies underneath may be the biggest mystery of the entire Naruto saga. This one mask was the cheapest and easiest cosplay ever!
6. Design: an orange swirling mask which exposes Tobi's right eye Tobi wears an orange mask in order to hide his real identity. That mask isnt the best looking.......so yeah
5. Design: a black and indigo mask which appears opaque on the outside, but is actually transparent from the inside Lelouch’s alter ego Zero dons his signature mask in order to hide his true identity as he makes his rebellion against the Britannian Empire. Moreover, a small part of this anime mask can be moved down in order to expose Lelouch's Geass*
4. Design: a white mask with a purple lightning symbol on the right eye and a red slit across the mouth In order to hide his real identity, Hei wears this anime mask when taking on different jobs from The Syndicate.
3. Design: a white mask which exposes portions of Kagetane's eyes and jawline Kagetane dons a mask that suggests his real personality. That is the most creepiest looking mask of all time
2. Design: a white mask with dark red designs that change patterns throughout the course of the series Ichigo dons this hollow mask whenever he engages in battle. LETS TALK FOR REAL C'MON GUYS EVEN A BLEACH HATER MYSELF THINK THAT MASK LOOKS BADASS
1. Design: a black leather mask which exposes Kaneki’s left eye and hair, and features a zipper in its mouth area in order to make eating more convenient Kaneki wears an anime mask created by Uta which was inspired by Kaneki’s condition after he becomes a "One-Eyed Ghoul".
I was so happy to see Kaneki's mask