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Well hello my Vingle family. It's been a really long time since I've posted anything on here and I really hope that you guys missed me. So many things have gone on and I have so many ideas I would love to share! So to celebrate my return I decided to make a new card. Songs you need to know. Which will contain any sort of music. I hope you enjoy! To be honest I don't listen to a lot of KHIPHOP so I'm surprised I actually have a list to share. If you like it feel free to make one of your own and tag me in it!
UGLY DUCK - ASIA ( ft. Reddy, JJJ & DJ Scratch Nice) If you guys don't know who Ugly Duck he's a rapper currently signed to AOMG. The most I knew of him was the collab he did with Jay Park on the song Mommae. Since I recently purchased an iPhone I have gotten Apple Music. Which means I also get playlist suggestions and one of my favorites has to be the one this song came on. Now let's face it once you listen to this song it has that sort of old school hip hop beat which I love. I don't listen to much hip hop now a days so it's hard for me to find stuff that I like and this happens to be one of them. Enjoy it!
버벌진트 , San E , 범키 , 팬텀 , 피타입 , 이루펀트 , 칸토 , 키디비 (KittiB) , 강민희 (미스에스) , 양다일 , 샴페인 , 캔들 , MC그리 , DJ Juice HEAT IT UP Some of the rappers that Ive gotten to know through survival shows. And when this song first came on I was like oh, then it became oh oh oh! Because this song is seriously so good. The best and the voices. The rapping and the singing. For some reason this song just makes me want to do all of the naughty things in life. AKA the things that I cant mention on a good site like this. It just seems like its everything that is missing in music today.
Basick Lil Boi - Call Me ( ft. HWASA ) Now Im one of the few people that didnt finish watching the hot mess that was Show Me the Money ( David Kim should of went all the way ). But I did love Basick and Lil Boi. Basick has that sort of style that not many rappers have now a days. Plus hes really really cute too. I dont know much about Lil Boi because I havent heard anything with him besides this song. The beat of the song is nice and slow then it begins to pick up as the song goes. Plus with Hwasas voice this song is absolute fire. Fire. I seriously have no words for how good this song is just that you desperately need to check it out.
Tablo Joey Bada$$ - Hood Now now if youve heard this song already I give to you permission to pinch me. I dont know why Im so late to the party when it comes to this song because I remember hearing all about this via all kpop. I finally for the first time heard this song last night. And Im actually really disappointed in the fact that this song has yet to have a music video. Like come on get it together. But hearing this makes me happy because I really hope and want more artists in Korea to get recognition. Because this collaboration is guaranteed to be one of the turning points in getting people to realize that hip hop is alive and well in Korea.
So I really hope you guys enjoyed this. Like I said please please make one and tag me in it. I would love to see what your interested in! Lots of love!!