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Few people have touched my life like Peter Doherty has.

My parents, some of my teachers and of course my friends are on this list. As far as idols go...I only have a few. And I don't really like to call them that...because in reality we're all just people trying to get through the next hour, minute, day, year, whatever.
When I discovered the striking similarities between the journey of Pete and my own, I had no choice but to swear my loyalty and brand myself.
No literally, I got a tattoo in his honor. Well, The Libertines' honor. And even though I've never seen them live, or even entered their country of origin (hopefully I'll be able to live in the UK at some point!), I still deem them, and Pete to be one of my greatest inspirations.
Fighting some secret battles over the past few years hasn't been easy, and when all things seemed to go to waste, I discovered his music.
He brought me back to a place where I could use my art for good, where words were important and where pretty melodies had the power to cleanse the soul of all its rotten insecurities. Though we both tend to put paper over our cracks rather than repairing them completely, we both know it's all we can do.
Anyway, without getting too sappy or overly emotional, I just wanted to put this little ode up to one of my favorite people on the planet, my long-lost friend, Pete Doherty.
Our parallel journey continues, we've both got solo records coming out this year, and we're both still trying to learn how to be free. But that's okay. That's a struggle everyone has.

Happy 37th Birthday Pete, here's to many more years of beautiful melodies, poetry, fun and recovery. We're right here with you.

@Titplum thank you and yes! A very happy birthday!!!!!!
Beautifully said. Happy birthday Peter!