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Well fed and busy with work, the remainder of your day goes by without a problem. Dress rehearsal is to start around 6 and you are heading there straight from work. When you arrive at the theater, Seon Ki gives your name and they show you to the floor seating of the auditorium. You pick a place you hope is inconspicuous and settle in to be entertained.
The production and staff are flawless; you are in awe at how smoothly the dress rehearsal flows. Normally there are stops and restarts as the director fine tunes and fixes small things. You are mesmerized by the music, by how wickedly handsome Xiah is in full Dracula make up. The next 2 hrs go by very quickly, you were amazed when they called curtain. Everyone assembles on the stage for final directions from the director; they clap, bow and head off to change out of costumes.
Junsu walks to the edge of the stage and shades his eyes to see into the audience. He jumps down and walks over to where you are sitting. “Hello,” he smiles and pulls you into a hug. “Did you enjoy?”
Skinship with him is becoming more comfortable. He initiates a different type each day, and it isn’t that you didn’t like; oh hell no! You like it a little too much. It is just so unexpected and amazing to you that it is coming from him.
Once your brain returns you reply, “It was fantastic! Thank you so much for inviting me. You did an outstanding job; sorry, you probably get told that all the time.” You look down and can feel the blush rising on your face.
Junsu just smiles at your embarrassment, “It is nice to hear, thank you.” It becomes slightly awkward as neither of you says anything for a minute. He starts to turn and says, “I need to go change,” but then turns back with a grin, “Want a picture with a vampire?”
You can’t stop the silly grin on your face, did you? That’s the stupidest question you’ve ever heard from him.
“Sure,” you say with a shrug. You dig your phone out of your purse and switch it to camera. He comes over and puts his arm around you, click.
“Again, aegyo” he states and you both do little pouts and peace signs at your cheeks. Just as you go to move away he takes your phone,
“One more” and he pulls you closer. He is in charge of the camera now, “Ready? Don’t smile, trust me.”
Alright, you look straight at the phone and right before he clicks he crouches down so that his mouth is at your neck. The surprise on your face is caught as he clicks. Before he straightens, he completes the vampire move and kisses your neck.
He hands you back your phone, “I’ll be just a few minutes,” and heads off.
You sit down with a thump. Did he really just kiss your neck? You laugh at yourself, he was totally playing around, being in character. A few members of the cast pass by you as they leave, so you nod, smile and say goodnight. Another couple of minutes pass; you spend them editing the selfies the two of you just took. Again, WOW, he looks amazing. You could find a million things wrong with your half of the picture so you try to just be glad that you have pictures to keep as memories.
You hear footsteps on the stage, as you look up he motions you over. The stairs are only on one side, the opposite side from where he wants you. At the end of the aisle, you turn away from him and start heading towards the stairs.
He looks shocked and confused, and yells out “Hey!”
You turn, “Yes?”
“Where are you going?”
You point at the stairs, “To the stairs,” you reply like it should be obvious.
He shakes his head, “No come here, I will help.”
You look at the height of the stage and down at your skirt and heels. The look on your face when you glance back at him is one of disbelief. “I’m not dressed to climb up there. I will take the stairs thank you.”
“Here!” he yells at you. Your eyes open wide, why is he yelling? You finally turn around to stare at him. “Please. Here, trust me,” he calmly states and holds his hand out to you.
Trust me seems to be his new favorite phrase. Since you obviously don’t have a choice you head over to where he is waiting with his hand outstretched.
“Bags first,” he motion. As you hand them over he puts them down behind him on the stage. “Now you.”
He squats down with his arms outstretched, you timidly take a step towards him. You go to put your hands in his but he shakes him head no.
“Closer,” he quietly says and guides you until you stand directly in front of him. He reaches down, grabs you under your arms and lifts you up to stand in front of him.
The shock on your face makes him laugh; you are amazed that he just dead lifted you over 5 feet off the ground. He didn’t even grunt or groan at how heavy you are.
“See? Trust me,” he says as one of his hands moves to your face and the other travels down your arm to your hand. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
Your breath catches in your throat, your heart beat quickens at the look in his eyes and the feel of his hands on you. He rubs his thumb across your bottom lip and keeping hold of your hand, picks up your bags and leads you off to the stage door.
“Are you hungry?” he asks once the two of you are settled in the back of his car.
“I had Seon-ki take the leftovers from lunch and put them in your fridge. There is plenty left if that’s okay?”
He nods, “You enjoyed?” He has turned in his seat so that he is looking at you.
“Yes,” you say sort of embarrassed, “I ate too much it was so tasty. Thank you again.”
He smiles and nods; the rest of the car ride spent comfortably. When you reach the hotel, he walks you to the penthouse, than excuses himself to go chat with the guards. You go and change into your most comfortable work- out clothes and head back to the kitchen to warm up the leftovers.
As Junsu enters the security room Do-yun gets up to retrieve the delivery from that morning. Using a cloth he pulls the top off the flower box exposing the dozen wilted red roses. Junsu reaches over to take the card,
As the flower wilts over time, so your time is running out.
"Want a picture with a vampire?"
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wow, even my breath hitched a bit when he picked her up and held her close