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JB will always be my number 1 bias in Got7. But a certain member doesn't want to stay in his lane and that member is................
Jackson. Jackson walks up to me with the most serious look on his face. "Hey girl let me be your number 1 bias." I look away to stop my self from looking into his eyes. "I'm sorry Jackson it can't happen it will always be JB." haha I feel like I should write a fanfic out of this what do you guys think leave a comment if I should turn this into a fanfic whose your bias wrecker when it comes to Got7?
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always and forever Jackson 😍😍😍
Oh yeeees JB is my WRECKER!!!! LOL!
If you feel like this should be a story, write it! Knock yourself out! Fighting!
BamBam is my number 1 but Jr. Doesnt want to stay in his lane πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
girl we have the same problem! jackson is trying to push jb out the way!