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Saw this on Vingle and thought it looked like fun! So Lets Start thissssss.... *Screams* JACKSON WANG!
1. Jackson In Sunglasses 2. Jackson Selca 3. Jackson Eating 4. Jackson With A Messy Hair 5. Jackson in Red 6. Jackson Predebut I was slowly dying....Jackson in those red clothing tho ;-;
7. Jackson Shirtless I just had to make a solo one for this ;-;
8. Jackson Singing 9. Jackson Being Sexy 10. Jackson Eating Chicken (Couldn't find one so I put Pizza) 11. Jackson At The Airport 12. Jackson's Airport Fashion 13. Jackson With Eyeliner Jackson being sexy kills me everytime..Jackson at the airport 'that booty tho' ;-;
14. Jackson Waving 15. Jackson Dancing 16. Jackson Laughing 17. Jackson In Black 18. Jackson At The Photo Shoot 19 & 20. Jackson doing Peace Sign & Winking
21. Jackson's Aegyo 22. Jackson Black Hair 23. Jackson drinking
24. Favorite MV

Got7- Girls Girls Girls

I just love this song so much cause of the sexy move Jackson does ;-;
25. Jackson Sleeping 26. Jackson At The Fansign Event 27. Jackson's Eyes 28. Jackson At The Radio Show
29. Favorite OTP


30. Favorite Kpop Group OBVIOUSLY


OMG HE SO SEXY! I WANT HIM! ;-; Finally tho I finished.. Didn't think it would be hard to look for all that..

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@loftonc16 Yes he is! :D and awesome cant wait! ^-^
@jessicaacosta90 Awesome! Jackson is cool. ^^ I'm going to put one up soon too. Tag you then!
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