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Yeah, did we? Nope lol.. At least not yet. So the details have been released! Luke is coming to us on Netflix Friday September 30th! Sweet!
Who is the the baddie? Cottonmouth! He is played by 4400's and House of Cards Mahershala Ali! So are we excited to see what is going to bring down this September?!
Danny Rand is coming to us in November of this year! Yes Hells Kitchen is getting crowded! Do we love it?! Btw this is Finn Jones from GoT!

Jessica is so ready for the party! Cocktails on her!

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Sooner than I expected! I had assumed after thanksgiving this is great news!
2 years ago·Reply
I'm geeking!
2 years ago·Reply
Finally! Was waiting on news of this. Sweet 😛
2 years ago·Reply
I look forward to Luke Cage
2 years ago·Reply