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5. the hanged girl in the haunted house (keep an eye on the top right corner near the end- where the title is) ; )
4. Ward room 305 I think the story goes, she owns a flower shop with her husband, who owed a mob money. When he didn't pay they tried to kill him and rape his wife miku (the term *ranbara* meaning *little virgin*) when he woke up he found her unconscious and felt guilty so he hung himself. When miku awoke she went insane at the sight of her husband. She thought the doctors at her asylum were demons (*rhojira* is what children say when they found u in hide and seek) though miku was actually pregnant with the rapist child, and she killed herself (hence the stabbing in the stomach)
3. Hide and seek, this is the English cover btw... I just like the creepiness of it
2. just die already Ahhh I live this song bcuz I can relate to it, I made another post about this song specifically if u wanna check it out
1. Ahh this is my absolute favorite song! from the kagerou daze series, and it's called heat haze days, or kagerou daze =) comment some of ur vocaloid favs! you can kinda see my taste I music haha..
an honorable mention :) breaking things I dunno why but this song made me happy