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This is what was available at the Final in Seoul. Clearly, this was announced before the show so that is why there are question marks.
I just want to say that we (U.S. of A.) really got shafted. They had some coooool-o stuff available everywhere but here. I would have had to buy a suitcase to tote all my stuff home.
This is stuff that was available in Japan. I would literally have bought one of everything. It actually made me sad that I didn't live in Japan.
How ridiculously cute is this???
This and the bears is probably my favorite MADE merchandise that I couldn't get. I love any kind of pouches, bags, sacs, whatever and stuffed toys. This would have been so cute just sitting in my house.
I'm going to go and cry now.
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@KDSnKJH really? I remember when I tried it said that they could take it ugh. I'm sorry. I got your hopes up :-(
2 years ago·Reply
@marrickej33 It's ok. I always sort of find a way. I wanted those magazines and I got em so...
2 years ago·Reply
@KDSnKJH Try other shops like Yesasia or kpopmart. I got the reversible tour jacket from kpopmart.
2 years ago·Reply
@KDSnKJH but still.. I wish they would make it available for us!! there stuff is soo good @SatinSkies omg that was the only thing I really wanted
2 years ago·Reply
wow wow wow girl... here comes your wish list!!!!
2 years ago·Reply