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Ok so I was on YouTube taking quizzes on how well I knew BTS and I past. There am was this one video with a quiz on who your BTS Boyfriend was. I took 3 quizzes and the links are below if you want to try them out and feel free to comment below on who you get. Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3
Quiz 1 results I had no idea on who I was going to get but at the same time I was curious. I ended up getting Jin Oppa. I went fangirl because he is the only one I can call oppa. however I was surprised and happy to get Jin oppa. Also what I liked about this quiz was that with your result they have a story for you.
Quiz 2 Results quiz 2 is similar to quiz one but I got different results. This time around I got Jimin, my bias wrecker. At the end of this quiz though it gives you their profile.
Quiz 3 Results This quiz was different from the first 2 quizzes. However my result was the same as the second quiz. I got Jimin once again. With this quiz at the end it gives you on what his personality is.
So what will you results be? I'm sure the boys would also like to know. Again don't be afraid to comment below on who you get.
1)Suga 2)Suga 3) Jimin Suga is my bias
So to kick it off 1) I got Suga 2)I got V 3) I got Jimin I like all the members, but Jimin is my bias in BTS
1) Jungkookie 2) Jungkookie 3) Jimin jungkookie is my bias 😄😤😣😊
Suga, jimin, jimin is my bias and the other two aren't even on my list lol
1) Suga 2) V 3) Suga Lol neither are my bias😂😂Jungkook is my bias!!!
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