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Karma Bust Shot Final W.I.P
Mostly just fixed the hood and emailed myself the image so the quality was better XP Tomorrow I'll finish him up and send both in to be reviewed and hopefully get a start date xD Here's the other image for those who wanna see an action shot xD
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woot woot
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Awesome! The colors are a lot clearer now, too.
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@KristianHampton Yea taking a picture from an iPad with your phone makes for poor quality lol it'll look way better once I shade it and bring depth into the picture xD
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@MichaelOgg I know the struggle. I've been taking pictures of my sketchbooks with my phone since my scanner broke last year.
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I wish I had a scanner lol i just took a picture from my phone and fixed the distortion the camera made when going over it digitally XP
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