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Episode 10, the most recent, had me tearing up, the support you find in anime's like these is something you'll keep for a lifetime!! This anime has such comradery and support for teammates and NAKAMA!! The support and push they give each other to grow through their hardships and pasts is amazing and beautiful. For all who are watching and up to date I'm sure your liking it. Reminds me a lot of parkour and is such a different and fun anime to watch!! This is one for the books to save and re watch later again!! I love this anime and think it should be a top 10 of not top 5 for the winter 2016 anime current releases. From episode 1 I was hooked and I think any anime fan or passionate addict would be as well. Cannot wait to see the final turnout for what's coming up!! Give this a watch and add it to you lost NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! And this anime fits into that positive vibe and upbringing life lesson anime!! Keep up the positive lessons anime and all manga-ka's!! You have all my love and support for all you've give me and helped changed my life. Animes like these can change your whole perspective when you think you are being burdened or held back from your past there will be NAKAMA there to hold out their hand and help pick you up!! Again anime is life!! Anime is love!!
you explained really well why I love this show!!!
@hikaymm it is an awesome anime NAKAMA, and so glad they made something different that is simple yet shows so many respectful values that we humans can learn and grow from!!