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Actor Lee Byung Hun and actress Lee Min Jung will tie the knot this August! After rumors surfaced again today, the reps of both actors have confirmed that the couple have decided to get married later this year! Due to Lee Byung Hun's busy schedule with his world promotional tour for his Hollywood film, 'G.I. Joe 2', the couple have set the date for months later in August. I haven't made up my mind whether this is good or bad news. I might like Byung Hyun as an actor a lot but in fact, he has a really bad reputation as a guy. He has been involved with many scandals and is known in Korea as the guy who loves to play with young girls. Everyone seems to be surprised that he's finally settling down with Minjung (who he dated and dumped a few years ago). Oops, did I sound too mean? I just can't help it.
@winterlovesong hey tks ! But I do love his acting. Cheerios.
@oj1992 Hmm according to LBH he broke up with her (that's dump... right?). Anyway he has a playboy reputation of dating women and then leaving them for a younger girl. I can't say it's 100% true but his scandal in 2002 was really huge.
@winterlovesong Hey on another post by @MC1930 it said they broke up. So is it break up or dump ... there is a difference.
haha sorry guys I think I just kinda dislike him too much to be happy about this news... but yea @chasinghapiness and @sharjalpari9 are right, he can always change. ^^
ah really he had such scandal? I never knew... but a person can always change. Let's hope the best for them!
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