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hey i'm back ! only one person requested something (thanks @CrookedShadow ) so i made some of my own ! also, many of you probably know it was min yoongi's (of BTS) birthday recently (like 2 or 3 days ago) so i made a bunch of lockscreens of him ! enjoy!
requested by : @CrookedShadow image : daehyun of BAP lyrics : one shot
image : min yoongi
image : min yoongi
image : min yoongi
image : BTS (group shot)
image : BTS (group shot)
hope some more people request stuff this time :/ i hope yoongi had a nice birthday and i hope he gets some rest :-) anyway, i hope everybody was satisfied with these. anyone can request as many times as they want to ! if you would like to be tagged then comment ! thanks for supporting these :D
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I love the lock screens. What photography app or apps do you use to create them?
@Mercedesbenz98 i use the editing apps poto, fotorus, and superimpose :-)
okay thanks @sleepingyoongi.... I'm trying to find more ways to create awesome kpop backgrounds.
I would love full bts, big bang, gd, cl, & winner please @sleepingyoongi馃檹馃槂 I'm sorry if that I asked for so many, it's just that your edits are amazing馃榿
Could you possibly do one of J-Hope? 馃槃