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Another week of difficult choices, but I was able to limit myself.... eventually.
T.O.P. (Secret Message OST) My UB gives me chills with his deep, smooth voice... *sigh* ♡♡♡
D.O (Tell Me What Is Love) There is something about D.O's voice that I find totally addicting.
Lee Hong Ki (Pray) He has one of the most recognizable voices, and I am in love with it. (side note - he also has the BEST laugh I have ever heard)
Ailee (Evening Sky) Her voice... just.... wow ♡
So this is a two for one - V and Jimin (Let Me Know) Obviously all of the guys in BTS are extremely talented, but V's deep sexy voice, and Jimin's impossibly high notes make my heart ache.
Another two for one! L and Lim Kim (or Kim Ye Rim) (Love You, Like You - Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST) L's voice is heart melting and Lim Kim's is so sweet and beautiful. Her album was actually the first one I bought when I started getting into kpop, mainly because I fell in love with both her and L after seeing them in what is now my absolute favorite kdrama - Shut Up Flower Boy Band ♡
@TheEnlightment I agree for Jungkook instead too
ah TOP, V, and Jimin have such good vocals. Although I prefer Kookie's voice over Jimin's. V though... has got to have my favorite voice in all of kpop. I'm sorry TOP baby, I love you and your voice is nice and set BUT V takes the cake. I'll have to check out the other songs. good card :)
@TheEnlightment @SunshineChang I love Jungkook's voice as well, it wasn't an easy decision - but Jimin won me over with that insanely high note at the end of "Let Me Know" ( it gave me chills). Too much talent in BTS.... and kpop in general 😉
I don't know who to chose whether D.O, Aliee or BTS but I'm just going to go with BTS since I just really love their voices and how they act and stuff it makes them cute!!!!!!!!
@krin lol! I was like "holy crap!" 😅 yeah, he is leaving a trail of dead fangirls with that singing....
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